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Today I bought stuff at American Apparel. I finally found the perfect black jeans (you were right ruralbeach). I also have an obscene swimsuit that I won’t show you here.

Today I bought stuff at American Apparel. I finally found the perfect black jeans (you were right ruralbeach). I also have an obscene swimsuit that I won’t show you here.

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My beauty article is here !

If you saw it please tell me what you think about or just like it so I’ll know I haven’t write it down for nothing…

I hope it will help some of you !


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    Well, some of you asked me about how I do my make up… Let me start with those few words. The skin of my face stopped being soft and clear when I turned 12, like most people of this world. I have a combination skin that tends to be really oily some days. My acne soften itself, but my skin still looks quite bad. I use to put on my skin shitty products “against acne” that were itchy, drying, or that just gave me much more redness and pimples. I used those for years, nothing ever works and the day I used that one product that litteraly ruins my skin, I thrown all of them out. 

    I’ve understand that “no pain, no gain" was the stupidest thing ever (in that case). Be gentle with your skin, even if you hate it. 

    So, here are the things I’ve tried for a while and that make me confident enough to go out without make up, whenever I want.

    In the first picture, the pills that I’ve took everyday for 2 months, the result is light but there, my skin quality has been improved, it’s more even, with less breakouts. It also affect my health, I’m less moody, I got much more energy.

1. Vitamin A & D 3 10,000 IU/400IU by Solgar.

    -Keeps the skin moisturized, young, soft and plumpy, boosts the immune system and so prevents infection.

2. Organic Spirulina, 500mg/tab. by Healthy Origins

   -High in protein and nutrients. Wards off radicals, eliminates toxins, increases skin metabolism to enable faster skin cell turnover and prevents acne breakouts. (+ may help in the treatment of allergic rhinitis, which I have)

3. Skin, Nails & Hair by Solgar, containing :

   -MSM (Methyl Sulfonyte Methane), it contains sulfur that speed up the scarring over and the creation of keratin (for your nails and hair sake). Helps eliminating toxins. It’s also a soft anti-allergic.

   -Silicon (from red algae), can stabilize minerals that aid in skin moisturisation. Rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, iodine, selenium and zinc*. Helps the creation of collagen (a protein that helps in the growth of cells and blood vessels and gives skin strength and firmness). It’s also full of folic acid that sooths sensitive skins, and in the anti-inflammatory omega 3 & 6.

    -L-Proline & L-Lysine also improve the production of collagen and speeds up scarring up.

   -Vitamin C, a must for the production and preservation of collagen, and helps the skin to repair itself, may also prevents the damage of sun exposure.

* Zinc can cause nausea if your stomach is empty, you better take those pills while eating.

In the second one, what I use to wash my face, or to do my masks.

4. Matcha tea, by Florisens, anti-inflamatory and loaded with antioxydants.

5. Manuka honey by Terre Exotique, you probably know the Melaleuca alternifolia’s (Tea Tree) antibacterial and antiseptic effects, Manuka (Leptospermum Scoparium) is a shrub of the same family (Myrtaceae). Due to hydrogen peroxide, every honey is antiseptic/biotic/fungal, but the Manuka one is known to be ten time more efficient.

6. Whole rice flour, by Celnat, I’ve tried it once to make a mask less liquid and it happened to be the finest and the best exfoliate I ever tried.

7. PInk clay, by Argiletz, absorb sebum excess, remineralize the skin and reveal its radiance.

8. Turmeric, by Simply Organic, for a glowing skin. 

9. Yep. That’s a lemon. It diminish scars, heals acne and blackheads, exfoliate, lighten up and brighten the skin.

   - I mix all those stuffs randomly, to obtain the right consistancy, and let it dry 10 to 30 minutes, honey is the base of every masks and I usually use clay alone and not over 10 minutes. Don’t put to much lemon juice, you’ll just gonna burn your skin.

10. African Black Soap by Nubian Heritage, an African black soap base enriched with coconut oil, shea butter, oat and aloe vera for soothing and moisturization, in plantain peel, full of salicylic acid that fight blackheads, in pine tar (yes, tar), antiseptical.. etc ! It smells really sweet. My oily skin turned (almost) perfect in two weeks, but I guess it could be too drying for normal and dry skin. 

And then, the toners and creams.

11. Aloe vera by The Only Real Aloe Vera, moisturize, tone and sooth.

12. Witch-Hazel floral water by Florame, astringent and purifing, smell a bit like black tea.

13. Anti-blemish mattifying fluid on summer / Re-balancing soothing confort cream during the cold time by Lierac Prescription. The most awesome creams I’ve tried, the fluid mattify for hours and the cream is a blessing in winter, none of them clog the pores. The best thing to do during mid-season is to wear the fluid on the morning and to put the cream right before bed time.


n.b. : English is not my mother tongue. I’ll translate it in french if some of you want me to do so. Thanks for your attention.

Bye !

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Une chute fatale de 250m

Elie Saab Haute Couture Fall 2014

Elie Saab Haute Couture Fall 2014

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The biggest part of my beauty article is done, but for now it’s time to cuddle and watch The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

I love you all. 

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I’m doing a big article about my daily face routine ! A prelude to the make-up tutorials I’ll do as soon as possibleeeee !

Please tell me what you think about it. I’m not used to spend so much time on personal stuff I like to do on this blog, thinking that nobody would pay attention to what I like. 


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catandgorgon asked: J'suis pas l'anon qui a demandé un tuto make-up mais étrangement, même si ça me sert pas, j'aime bien en regarder. Alors ce tuto sera peut-être pas utile mais il sera regardé! :) (je sens bien que ce message est débile mais bon.

Haha je comprends carrément, j’adore en regarder aussi, enfin n’importe le quel avant/après me fascine :)

Je suis en train d’écrire un article sur ma routine de soin du visage, c’est la base… après je ferais un ou plusieurs tutos de make up qui pourront peut-être plus te divertir.

Le truc aussi c’est que j’ai pas du tout l’esprit de synthèse alors ça risque d’être du bla bla à 80% :D

Bisou bisouu