La Fumerie mauve.

21 year old human, from Brittany, living in Versailles.

I won't do any submissions, no skype, no "do I turn you on" discussions. I'm cold as death.

Anonyme asked: y are your other blogs dead

Which one ?

Anonyme asked: did you quit posting nudes?

yes !

Anonyme asked: dickofthebay is dead missing your pictures

My boy is looking for a job, that’s why he shuts it down for now.. Personnaly I’d juste like to do another one with better pic. Most of all, not so much sex right now so in our life, a lot of tender love though !



Albert Jacquard - La vraie intelligence


Je suis une grosse larve.


Paulina Otylie Surys:  Gohic Photography

Paulina Otylie Surys is a fashion photographer with a unique practice. Having trained in classical painting, she made a decision to take up screen printing around two years ago and through that “found [her] way towards photography.” Using innovative combinations of toners and inks over dry dyes, on silver gelatin fibre paper, Surys creates haunting, pseudo-gothic works embued with a heightened sense of drama and compostition. This approach works in perfect juxtapostion to the modern clothing and appearance of her models

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Shouldn’t drink too much I need to dye my hair black this evening

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No more money… I may sale my panties again.. tss

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uuh god I like Sweetopium too much..