La Fumerie mauve.

21 year old human, from Brittany, living in Versailles.

I won't do any submissions, no skype, no "do I turn you on" discussions. I'm cold as death.



Albert Jacquard - La vraie intelligence


Je suis une grosse larve.


Paulina Otylie Surys:  Gohic Photography

Paulina Otylie Surys is a fashion photographer with a unique practice. Having trained in classical painting, she made a decision to take up screen printing around two years ago and through that “found [her] way towards photography.” Using innovative combinations of toners and inks over dry dyes, on silver gelatin fibre paper, Surys creates haunting, pseudo-gothic works embued with a heightened sense of drama and compostition. This approach works in perfect juxtapostion to the modern clothing and appearance of her models

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Shouldn’t drink too much I need to dye my hair black this evening

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No more money… I may sale my panties again.. tss

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uuh god I like Sweetopium too much..